OUT OF FABRIC started off from the fashion project and its appending label > out of kippot <, which was founded back in 2009.
What began with Jewishly influenced hats and kippas…

  >> Fashion is a world that lives and breathes, that quotes and is reminiscent of the past.
And at its best, it is able to diminish the fear connected to ones history. <<
 ook-fashion 2013

The term „Judaism” triggers a load of negative connotations: Holocaust, Gaza-conflict, global anti-Semitism. But “being Jewish” in our times means more then just that – especially for the youngest generation. Just like in all other world religions, the change of religious values has not skipped Judaism. This however does not imply, that one’s own history is to be forgotten or suppressed. On the contrary! It is our aim to show, that amongst prejudice and stereotypes there is a relaxed, cool but unpretentious commonplace.
ook-fashion is able to reach out and connect to younger people – for our style is contemporary and matches their hip outfits. At the same time we can light their spark in Jewish culture and get them involved in creating the future.
In 2009 the project „fashion against anti-Semitism“ was founded, which supplies participants of
peace marches and demonstrators with affordable or free „headware with a Jewish twist“. Jewish traditions are life-affirming, but at the same time oriented towards the past. That’s why our kippots, caps and ribbons are often colorful and black, light and dark. Just like life itself.


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