1. tulips . hairbands

It’s a tulip – and a tichel – and a turban

Legend has it, that when Mother Nature didn’t know how to smile – she invented little flowers. Ever since bold buds have been popping up here and there, spreading their colorful joy to people all over the world.

Tulips: When it comes to pimping up an ordinary outfit, this headdress can be seen as the cherry on top. But what do tulips and turbans have in common? Both reign far up high, at times showing off their pompously haughty and then again modestly simple presence.

For hundreds of years wigs, hats, turbans, caps or scarves have graced the heads of males and females. Not to forget all the fancy wreaths, ribbons, rods, feathers, golden ornaments or crowns, diadems, hair bands, clips, pins and combs.

What the big fuss when it comes to hair?

Firstly: It’s a prompt beauty booster.

Secondly: In many religious cultures it is seen as a sign of respect and humbleness to hide ones head. For generations the covering of body and head have shaped and influenced many denominations. Nowadays it is more like a mixture of fashion, religion and culture.